Mid-South family faces Thanksgiving without loved one

(WMC-TV) - A Mid-South family sat down to Thanksgiving dinner without one of their loved ones.

George Nicholson has been missing for months, and his family is still desperate for answers.

"I'm surviving," said his wife, May Nicholson.

May Nicholson put out decorations and planned to host family for Thanksgiving at her Fayette County home, but only after her son convinced her to do so.

"I didn't intend to cook," she said.  "I dread the time to eat because we miss George."

In late June, George Nicholson went to Tunica for the day, but never returned home.  Three weeks later, his pickup truck was located in a remote area near the Tunica Cutoff.

"He didn't drive the truck there," said May Nicholson.  "The keys were left in the truck.  George was fanatic about pulling the keys out.  Like my youngest son said, he'd pull them out of the lawnmower."

Crews searched the area for days with no luck.

May Nicholson said she does not expect her broken heart to men, but she begged for closure.

"He had trouble, and if he had died with heart trouble, it would've been so much easier than this," she said.  "Not knowing, not having anything."

George and May Nicholson have been married for 62 years.  They spent their later years staying active at ballroom and square dancing lessons.

"If somebody would just give us a clue where to look for him, to bring something home, to put him in his plot, to put what's left in his plot," May Nicholson added.  "That would sure help me."

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of George Nicholson, his wife and investigators ask you to call the Tunica County Sheriff's Department at (662) 363-1411.

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