Some opt to spend holiday at Tunica casinos

(WMC-TV) - For most shoppers, Black Friday means deep discounts.  For some, it meant catching a deal at the casinos in Tunica, Mississippi.

"I've been hitting real good," said casino customer Dorothy Walker.  "Won one jackpot, and it's just marvelous."

As guests went inside to try their luck, Richard Stacy said he came to Tunica for the meal deals.

"The food is great," said Stacy.  "You can't beat the food."

Mississippi casino revenue is down five percent compared to October of last year.  River casino winnings are down 12.2 percent, reflecting the heavy impact of flooding in May and June that forced the casinos to close for weeks.

Many casino guests said they enjoy traveling and spending time with family in Tunica, even if they don't win big.

"I'm down here with four other people," said casino customer Larry Stetlar.  "My wife and some friends from Peoria, Illinois, and it takes us about eight hours to get down here but we had a wonderful time.  The traffic was perfect, the weather was perfect."

Casino customer Ron Mitchell said gambling is still the luck of the draw even during the holidays.

"You may get the ones who normally don't come, who come down after Thanksgiving thinking they may go home with something thankful," said Mitchell.

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