Case of woman found hanging in grain elevator remains unsolved

(WMC-TV) - Investigators hope new information will help solve an almost 10-year-old case in which a Mid-South mother of four was found hanging at a Tunica County grain elevator.

The mother of Joanne Cornes never got closure.  She died last summer before investigators could solve her daughter's murder.

"Any parent would want to know," said cousin Terry Price.  "Something like that happens to your child, give them some kind of closure."

On July 25, 2002, Cornes' naked body was discovered hanging at the Tunica Grain Elevator Company.  The business is now closed.

An employee discovered Cornes when he showed up for work early one morning.  She had her blouse around her neck and it was tied around a pipe.  She was lying face down between two grain bins.

Investigators have a thick file on the case.  New crime scene photos show one of Cornes' shoes nearby.  Investigators believe she was dragged to the spot where she died.

Investigators hope revisiting the case brings out new leads.  Action News 5 has learned Cornes was a known drug user and was running with the wrong crowd.

Her murder still rattles her friends and relatives because it happened so close to where she lived.

Tunica County investigators recently requested archive footage from Action News 5 from the day of the murder.  They hope studying the footage will provide new clues.

If you have any information that can help investigators, call the Tunica County Sheriff's Department at (662) 363-1411.

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