Two men arrested after trying to skip $28.64 bar tab

(WMC-TV) - Two men were arrested Thursday night after they tried to run out on a bar tab.

Eric Vaughn, 28, and Thomas Copeland, 82, live south of Jackson, Mississippi, but they spent part of Thanksgiving night at the Tap Room Bar on Beale Street.

"You'd think he'd be old enough to know better," said tourist Douglas Franklin.

They were accused of trying to skip a bar tab of $28.64.

"I would think they'd want to skip out for something more than that," said Franklin.

The bartender alerted a Memphis police officer.  Police said when they tried to flag down the pair at Beale and Second Street, Vaughn turned around, laughed at them and ran.  He then tripped on an uneven piece of pavement.

Both men were booked at 201 Poplar.  They both quickly posted a $1,000 bond.

"Should have charged them a thousand and 28 dollars," said tourist Brian Little.

Because he tried to run, Vaughn is charged with theft and resisting arrest.  Copeland was charged with theft under $500.

Both men will have to return to Memphis on Monday to appear in court.

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