Southaven church marks 129th anniversary

(WMC-TV) - Brown Missionary Baptist Church in Southaven, Mississippi celebrated its 129th anniversary at Sunday morning services.

"We give all the praise to God," said Reverend Bartholomew Orr.  "This church is a testimony of the goodness of God."

Orr said his church was started by freed slaves in 1882.

"This church has been a blessing," said church member Thurmond Hobson.

Brown Missionary Baptist Church is one of the fastest growing churches in the country and is having an impact all around the world.

"We are a worldwide ministry, we are on the web, we're doing missionary trips in Africa, we're supporting missionaries from Russia to Mexico, all around the world," said Orr.

The church's mission is to eliminate problems like hunger and poverty.  Every summer, a jobs program pays young people to work at various companies around the Mid-South, helping them gain valuable skills.

Members of the church said the main mission is saving souls.

"We have a vision of the Lord working through us to bring great wonders and great blessings to the community," said Orr.

The church is already considering plans to expand into a new $22 million church building.

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