Lawyer: Man with terrible luck "terrified" after booking at 201 Poplar

(WMC-TV) - Louisville resident Rick Ricks showed in a Memphis courtroom Monday with his lawyer and lots of apologies.

"I'm sorry for everything," he said.

Ricks was apologizing for a mistake he made last week, when he tried to go through a TSA checkpoint at Memphis International Airport with a gun in his carry-on bag.

His lawyer, William Massey, said Ricks was quickly arrested.

"He's terrified," Massey said. "He's 58-years-old and has never been into any trouble in his life, never been in jail in his life, and having gone through 201 Poplar you can imagine it was a rather a traumatic experience."

Massey said Ricks had no intention of taking a gun to the airport, and simply the gun was in his bag. Ricks' decision to fly was made at the last minute, after his car was struck last Wednesday by a runaway tractor trailer that slammed into a Memphis gas station.

In court Monday, Ricks pleaded innocent. If he is convicted, he could go to jail.

"I guess the lesson is...have a better memory, but I'm not sure that's going to happen at my age," he said. "I will not travel with a handgun, even if it is for safety."

Ricks is eager to put the gun case behind him. Monday, he appeared in court ready to show his concealed carry permit for the gun he got busted with.

Ricks will appear in court again in January.

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