Smith, Fair love police work, co-workers say

Officers Qadeer Smith and Myron Fair were shot while serving a warrant. According to their supervisors, they are two men who love being police officers, and most of all enjoy working in vice and narcotics.

Myron Fair is an eleven year veteran with the department. He's been working the vice squad for four years and is considered a team leader. Fair is recovering after doctors removed a bullet from his abdomen.

With only two years in the department and two weeks on the vice squad, Qadeer Smith is also recovering after a bullet grazed his arm. Smith transferred to Memphis in 2002 from the Sheriff's Department in San Antonio. Both these men have clean records and are well liked within the department. Their close friend and supervisor says "officer down" is the last thing they ever want to hear over their radios. Lt. Anthony Berryhill said, "At that point naturally your heart drops down to your stomach. You do a u-turn head to the scene as fast to you can."

"Then your mind starts racing, exactly what's going on, what's happening, what his condition is, and did something go bad or did we do something wrong. Just what happened out there on the scene. It's not a good feeling."

Fair is still in the hospital recovering and Smith was treated and released.

Both Fair and Smith are considered "entry men." They are the first in the line of fire and the most vulnerable when the vice squad serves search warrants.

Here's what we know. Members of the vice-narcotics squad were serving a warrant for drugs just after 9 Thursday night. Officers identified themselves, then broke through the door. Two officers were shot. Myron Fair was shot in the abdomen. He's in good condition. A bullet grazed Officer Qadeer Smith. He was treated and released. Officers have one suspect in custody. He was officially charged Friday.