City tells family to take down peacocks

MADISON, Miss. (AP) - Wanda Cheeks' family spent two days putting up Christmas decorations at their home in the Traceland North subdivision of Madison.

Now they're being told some of them must go.

Cheeks tells WLBT-TV that the City of Madison has taken offense at two peacocks on her roof. She says a code inspector told her Tuesday that a Santa Claus can stay but the peacocks have to go. Cheeks says the Santa is bigger than the peacocks.

Cheeks, who rents the home, says she's never heard about the city acting against Christmas decorations.

Mayor Mary Hawkins Butler says she's gotten several complaints about the peacocks. Butler says the city council meets on Dec. 6 and the Cheeks could appear then - if they get on the agenda by noon Friday.

Information from: WLBT-TV,

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