New Tipton County library to be built on Dyersburg State campus

(WMC-TV) - A brand new public library will soon be built in Tipton County.  For one family, the new space could not come soon enough.

"We love this library, and the librarians make it," said parent Jen Brown.  "They're terrific, they're helpful and they love the kids."

The Brown family visits the Covington Tipton County Library quite frequently.  In fact, they've checked out nearly 9,000 books in the last five years.

"Surprised, we had no idea it was that kind of count," said Brown.

The Browns are one of thousands of families who will benefit from a new public library, set to be built on the campus of Dyersburg State's Covington campus.

The nearly 50,000 square foot facility will not only house the new public library, but also will include additional classrooms, computer labs and study rooms for Dyersburg State students.

College leaders said the idea is to create a lifelong learning approach, where even elementary students are exposed to college life.

"When they're on campus, we hope that will encourage them to attend college, to attend Dyersburg State, and take some classes," said Tanga McCullough with Dyersburg State.

For the Browns, the new library's easy access to college will be a big benefit.

"For older kids, students, they'll have access to more research books that maybe the campus would have and so we were thrilled to see all this coming together," Brown said.

The new library and Dyersburg State addition is set to open in the fall of 2013.

To find out more about Dyersburg State's new addition and its fund raising efforts, click here.

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