Alleged noose found hanging in Millington city garage


(WMC-TV) - Employees in Millington's Public Works department filed a complaint with the city's police department after finding a rope they perceived to be a noose hanging in a city garage.

The rope, allegedly a noose, was hung over a gas line in a Millington public works garage. City employees, fearing for their jobs and wanting to remain anonymous, said the rope hung there for days, even after they complained about it.

Millington resident and blogger Debra Sigee was outraged by what she thought was a symbolic racial threat to city workers.

"If one person found it offensive, that's one too many," she said. "I know I found the picture offensive."

Sigee has been documenting the political turmoil in Millington on a blog about the inner workings of city government - including the bribery indictment of city mayor Richard Hodges.

"This administration has been difficult in receiving information, so I said, Okay I'll start a blog," Sigee said.

City officials said the rope had been used to support a bumper that was being painted, but not everyone believes that excuse.

City officials tell waste rope was used to support a bumper that was being painted. But not everyone is buying the excuse. Meanwhile, Millington police have completed their investigation into the hanging rope, but the city's human resources director says she can't release that report until the city's internal investigation is complete.

Sigee says the city's administration was much more concerned when an anonymous note was posted in public works building earlier this year criticizing department supervisors. Mayor Richard Hodges wrote a letter offering a $500 reward for the identity of the note's author.

"See the contrast in those two issues? I found that to be offensive also," Sigee said.

Sigee hopes to see changes in the culture of Millington's government once the city's embattled mayor steps down next month.

"All I want to see is the government in Millington treat everyone the same," she said.

The results of the city's investigation into the hanging rope should be complete Friday.

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