Memphis mom charged for leaving twins in SUV

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis mom is charged with child neglect after she left her five-month-old twins in the car while she shopped.

In the hustle and bustle of a busy shopping season, police always warn you to stow it, don't show it. But they also ask you not leave your kids alone in the car.

"To make sure the child is safe at all times, it is illegal to leave your children in the vehicle unattended," said Karen Rudolph, of the Memphis Police Department.

Concerned shoppers called 911 Wednesday morning about 5-month-old twins strapped into car seats, but left unattended in a parked SUV. By the time police got there, the mother was in the car and told officers she had been in the bookstore "and left them here, but just for a minute."

Danyelle Griffin was arrested and charged with leaving her kids unattended in her vehicle.

"It's very dangerous," Rudolph said.

Two weeks ago, LaTisha Moore ran into Dees Oil convenience store. In a flash, this stranger stole her van and temporarily kidnapped her three-year-old twins Jasmine and Christopher.

Carnell Hill has been arrested and charged, but Moore faces a misdemeanor for leaving the kids unattended.

"People have a false sense of security. 'Hey, I can pull up, I can see them through the window,'" Rudolph said '"I'll leave them in the car and if anything happens I'll run out real fast.' But things happen so quickly."

Griffin's SUV was not stolen nor were her twins hurt. But police say she should not have been driving anyway because her license had been suspended for failure to pay a citation. That was the 14th time her license had been suspended since 2005.

Legally, any child left in a car requires supervision from someone at least 13-years-old.

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