Consumer Reports: Smart Phone Ratings

By Andy Wise - bio | email

(WMC TV) - There's been plenty of buzz about the iPhone 4S, and Consumer Reports testers say, yes, it is a great phone.

The 4S is faster than the iPhone 4, and the upgraded camera takes better pictures. Siri, the voice-activated personal assistant, also works well.

But Consumer Reports says there are plenty of other smart phones out there that perform just as well or better than the 4S.

"For example, several phones we tested weigh less than the 4S and have larger screens," said CR's Mike Gikas.

Those include the SAMSUNG GALAXY S2. Its bigger screen is perfect for web-browsing and video.

Another thing to consider:  speed.

"Many of the Android phones we tested run on 4G networks and are faster than iPhones," said Gikas. "That means content downloads more quickly, and videos run smoother."

If you have Verizon, Consumer Reports recommends the MOTOROLA DROID BIONIC.

If you use Sprint, T-Mobile or AT&T, Consumer Reports recommends the SAMSUNG GALAXY S2.

Consumer Reports still gives high ratings to the iPhone 4S for its compatibility. It's easily incorporated with other Apple devices, unlike the other smart phones.

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