Heavy rains cause bridge washout in Fayette County

(WMC-TV) - A section of road bridge washed out during Monday morning flooding in Fayette County, creating headaches for nearby residents.

Authorities said road, located off of Highway 196 over Cypress Creek, has washed out before, most recently during flooding this past Summer.

A 30 foot section of road is affected. Until more permanent repairs can be made, Fayette County Public Works crews are trying to make a temporary road to connect Belle Meade to Great Lakes Road.

Utilities are still on in the Belle Meade subdivision, which consists of 40 to 50 homes, and officials are asking residents to stay home if they can.

Residents of the subdivision on currently have no way of leaving their residences on their own, but authorities are providing help if necessary.

Monday, officials at the scene said the portion of the roadway affected was originally built with two culverts to create passage over Cypress Creek. When one of the culverts collapsed, it was filled in with sand an other materials.

During flooding earlier this spring, the sand-filled culvert began to give way. As water seeped through it, it created a bigger problem, eventually affecting the roadway.

Action News 5 has a crew at the scene, and will update this story as we receive more information.

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