Work continues on temporary road for stranded Fayette County residents

(WMC-TV) - Fayette County road crews continued to work Tuesday to turn an old pasture into a new temporary road, which will allow residents to drive in and out of the Big Bell subdivision again.

"I missed work yesterday because they didn't have anything set up," Big Bell resident Lee Jones said.

Jones is among dozens of residents who currently have to be ferried out of their neighborhood on all terrain vehicles.

The problems started Monday when the only bridge in and out of the subdivision collapsed, leaving residents stranded.

"The bridge that failed will be removed, and a structure put there will be a permanent one," Fayette County Mayor Reah Taylor said.

As crews work to replace that bridge, they are also constructing a temporary road a short distance away. Crews hope to finish that road by sometime Wednesday.

Meanwhile, residents like Lee Jones, who can't use their cars, are leaning on friends and co-workers to help them get around

"I've got somebody coming to get me right now, but I hope to be driving a BMW back here this evening," Jones laughed.

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