Andy's Restaurant Scorecard: A Big Tip gives back

By Andy Wise - bio | email

(WMC TV) - A Scorecard Big Tip in Midtown Memphis donated 25 turkeys and two bicycles to celebrate its good fortune.

Ellen's Soul Food, 634 S. Bellevue Blvd., donated the turkeys to the Mid-South Food Bank ( and the bicycles to Oasis of Hope (

Debbie Mitchell, owner and operator of Ellen's Soul Food, said she wanted to give back after her customers nominated her restaurant as a Big Tip on the Scorecard in October (for that Scorecard report, please click here:

"We got wonderful customers," said a grateful Mitchell. "In the 30 years we've been around, they've been sticking with us. Every move we make, they still support us.

"So this is our way of telling them 'thank you' and helping the people who are less fortunate."

Marcia Wells, vice president of communications for the food bank, said a 25-turkey donation is a mother lode for the bank and for its beneficiaries.

"That could go to 25 different individual households," said Wells, "or it could go to a soup kitchen where they could cook all of them and make turkey soup, turkey hash or turkey stew. It will have a huge impact."

The brand new bicycles -- one for a boy, the other for a girl -- arrived at Oasis of Hope just as one of its partner charities requested two bikes -- one for a boy, one for a girl -- for a luckless Memphis family.

"It's a single mom, two children," said Oasis of Hope's bicycle ministry leader Bill Jurgens. "They're going to be excited Christmas morning.

"Not only that, but we're going to provide a couple of brand new cable locks, so this is a great gift."

Gifts of both food and fun -- from the heart and soul of one of the best soul food restaurants in the Mid-South!

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