Southaven mayor pays state $96,000

Southaven Mayor Greg Davis
Southaven Mayor Greg Davis

(WMC-TV) - The state auditor's office says it's been repaid $96,000, but that still leaves a long way to go for Southaven Mayor Greg Davis.

Davis made the $96,000 payment to the Mississippi State Auditor's office Friday morning. But he still owes thousands more for expenditures he charged to the city that did not qualify as city business.

Davis was one week late and $30,000 short of the $126,000 he was ordered to pay the state auditor by December 2.

This is a partial payment on the ($170,000) demand that was issued against him on November the second," said Lisa Shoemaker, of the auditor's office.

Shoemaker said the state never agreed to accept a partial payment from Davis, but has a backup plan to collect the balance.

The mayor has a $100,000 assurity bond that covers him through his term in office. The state has put Davis' bonding company on notice.

"In the event that we are unable to recover the remainder of that money we will be able to collect against his bond," she said.

If that happens, Davis would have to repay the bonding company.

Meanwhile, the Southaven Board of Aldermen is reviewing about $44,000 worth of Davis' receipts to validate whether they were a part of official city business that Davis expensed.

"They're in the process of reviewing them now and we are just waiting to hear back from them," Shoemaker said.

The amount Davis owes the state could go up or down, but Shoemaker said it won't change by much.

And no matter how the debt is settled, it won't close the books on the case. The state is conducting a civil investigation into some of Davis' mileage receipts and is helping the FBI determine whether Davis' actions are worthy of criminal charges.

State officials say it's unlikely the city's board of aldermen could be found liable for approving Davis' expenses since their approval didn't result in any financial gain. However, the state has recommended they find more efficient ways to balance their books.

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