Driver swerves to miss pothole, strikes pedestrian

(WMC-TV) - A pothole on Walnut Bend in Cordova caused a driver to crash into a light pole and strike a pedestrian Friday.

"First thing I saw was a light pole going down," said witness Craig Collier.  "Then I saw a gentleman standing next to the light pole flying across."

The light pole was in pieces Friday evening after it was hit by an SUV.

"It was just a lot of glass crashing," said witness Paula Barnes.  "It sounded like somebody had dumped a case of bottles."

The man who was struck landed in a nearby front yard.  Witnesses said the person who was hit was trying to repair his neighbor's mailbox.

The driver of the SUV told firefighters he was trying to avoid a large pothole on Walnut Bend when he crashed and hit the man.

"Next thing we know, it just made a right turn," said Collier.  "There was no turn signal.  I don't know if he even hit his brakes."

The pothole developed following recent rain and snow.  Yellow barriers blocked the hole.

Collier said the driver of the SUV appeared disoriented after the crash.

"I knocked on his window and he didn't even respond to me," said Collier.  "I was pounding on it pretty hard."

Collier eventually convinced the man to turn his car off.  The airbags did not deploy.

The driver of the SUV and the man who was hit were both taken to nearby hospitals.  Investigators said they suffered injuries, but none appeared to be life-threatening.

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