Extra Credit: City University seniors volunteer at Action News 5 Holiday Food Drive

(WMC-TV) - Last week during the Action News 5 Food Drive, I had the opportunity to meet some amazing young people: among them was a group of Seniors from City University School of Liberal Arts.

Not only did they volunteer to collect food and money all day long in the frigid cold, their energy warmed everyone's hearts.

They made of chants about the good of donating to the Mid-South Food Bank, encouraging anyone who walked or drove past to give whether they planned to or not.

And when nobody was giving, they danced and chanted to stay warm.

Of their exuberance, The Youth Outreach Development Director for the schools's sponsor, the Influence 1 Foundation said, "I've never witnessed that much volunteer energy in inclement weather such as this."

And their energy apparently never waned from 5:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Senior Class Vice President Terri Delbridge explained, "It's really fun.  I'm with my class of 2012, and it's just tons of fun.  We've been volunteering since our freshman year.  We're just having fun in the cold."

"It's something that you really should do," added City University senior Brandon Simpson.  "You're sending positive messages such as giving."

City University is an MCS charter school since 2004 for grades 9 through 12.

The school also requires 120 hours of community service from each scholar before graduation.  Sixty of those hours must be spent out of doors.

Latham said it is the schools' mission to not only instill academic excellence in its scholars, but also civic minded-ness and service orientation.

"So, to instill those values, I think will help them to be better productive citizens later on," said Latham.

City University School of Liberal Arts is located on Dunn Avenue.  Not surprisingly, the school has a Community Rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

This year was also the school's fifth to help out at the Mid-South Food Bank during the Action News 5 Food Drive.

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