Shelby County worker accused of stealing inmates' personal info

Sherrita Delbridge
Sherrita Delbridge

(WMC-TV) - A Shelby County employee has been charged with stealing and selling personal information of people booked at the Shelby County Jail.

Sherrita Delbridge worked at the jail downtown. She had access to inmates personal information and investigators say she used it.

People being booked into the Shelby County jail do not have any choice. Whether they want to or not, have to give personal information to jail employees. And federal investigators say Shelby County employee Sherrita Delbridge took advantage of that.

Delbridge worked in the Pre-Trial Services Bureau. She's accused of stealing the names addresses and social security numbers of people listed in the criminal justice system's computer and then selling the information to an unnamed woman who was not an employee.

Delbridge was originally hired in 2005 at the health department. She moved on to work in the Child Support Bureau at juvenile court before moving to pretrial services.

Employees who knew Sherrita Delbridge said they were shocked, but wouldn't talk about her, or the case on camera.

No one answered the door at her Hickory Hill home.

Delbridge showed up at the jail the day after she was indicted. Her supervisor took her ID badge and suspended her.

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