Granite is a natural stone that has deep beautiful colors and natural variation that cannot be matched by any other countertop material.  It will add warm beauty, character, and value to your kitchen.  No need to worry about hot pans burning or melting the countertop.  Granite is difficult to scratch and will not peal, fade or blister.

The primary factors which affect a customer's countertop price are the granite pattern selected and the quantity of granite to be installed.

The primary factor that affects the cost of individual granite patterns (slabs) is supply and demand – granite patterns which are popular (high demand) and plentiful (high supply) cost less than patterns which are popular with limited supply.  Pattern beauty and uniformity also affect pattern cost.

The color and pattern you select for your kitchen is a very personal choice.  Patterns and colors vary greatly so there will always be granite pattern that will fit with your decorating ideas and your budget.

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