Cargill says laid off workers could be recalled

(AP) - Cargill Inc. says the remaining laid off workers at its poultry plant in Springdale may be recalled by Christmas.

Cargill spokesman Michael Martin told the Springdale Morning News ( that the company hopes to resume production of ground turkey at the plant before Christmas. Martin said U.S. Department of Agriculture food safety officials are finalizing approval of Cargill's plan to reduce food-borne pathogens in its product.

Production of ground turkey was stopped at the plant Sept. 12 after it was linked to a salmonella outbreak that killed one person and sickened about 130 nationwide.

About 130 employees were laid off Oct. 3. Martin said 72 have been recalled to work elsewhere in the plant, seven have found other jobs and Cargill hopes to soon recall the remaining 51 workers.

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