Southaven aldermen examining years of receipts

Southaven Mayor Greg Davis
Southaven Mayor Greg Davis

(WMC-TV) - Southaven Mayor Greg Davis faces a new deadline, as federal and state investigators consider criminal charges over questionable use of taxpayer dollars.

His new deadline is December 20, that's when the Southaven Board of Aldermen will turn over its notes on $44,000 in expenses Davis charged to his city credit card.

"This is distracting at times," said Davis last month, admitting the probe was taking a toll.

But now, it seems Davis has dragged the Board of Alderman into his distraction.

All seven board members, who also hold full-time jobs, must scour two and a half years of their own city records to either corroborate or contradict the $44,000 in receipts Davis sent to state auditors.

The outcome of the aldermen's assignment will either prove or disprove that Davis was making legitimate city expenditures.

Southaven Mayor Pro Tempore Greg Guy said he and his peers are taking the assignment in stride.

"There's a lot to it," Guy said. "Most of us individually keep calendars. That's why each individual alderman has a copy to pore over."

They'll all take each of Davis' receipts and match them with the corresponding date on their own calendars.

"We will just look and try to recall the event, seeing where it took place, if it's an event we can remember," he said. "They went back two and a half years."

The alderman will turn their notes in to the Mississippi State Auditor on December 20.

"Being as cooperative as possible and still trying to keep it business as usual, keep the city on track and just deal with the distractions," said Guy.

Whether the auditor accepts the receipts or not, Davis will still have an outstanding balance. He'll owe $30,000 if the receipts are accepted and $74,000 if they aren't.

Whether Davis meets the new deadline or not, the state is also conducting a civil investigation into allegations that Davis improperly documented some of his mileage receipts.

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