Suspect's tip helps police solve dozens of burglaries

(WMC-TV) - Thirty recent burglaries have been solved thanks to a tip from one of the alleged burglars.

"We busted one of the burglary rings here in the Ridgeway Station area," said Lt. Curtis Bolden with the Memphis Police Department.

Police arrested four suspects.  So far, Jeremy Aldridge and Carlos Winfrey were charged with two break-ins each.

Investigators believe the group is responsible for somewhere between 14 and 30 burglaries across Hickory Hill, after Winfrey rode with police and pointed out spots they would hit.

"All of them have been very cooperative," said Bolden.  "The problem is, they've committed so many burglaries they can't recall all of them."

The burglary bust is only the latest at the Ridgeway Police precinct.

"About 120 burglary arrests in the past 70 to 80 days and about 200 total felony arrests," said Bolden.

Home break-ins were the most common throughout Hickory Hill.  An eight-officer task force formed in June specifically to crack down on home break-ins.

"We go out and treat it like a serious crime that the victim feels like it is," said Bolden.  "We'll go out and canvass the neighborhoods, about eight officers, looking for suspects."

Investigators said they will keep looking until home break-ins are no longer the most common crime in Hickory Hill.

"From the results we've got, I'd say we're here to stay," said Bolden.

Two other people are behind bars for the break-ins.  One has not been charged, the other is a juvenile.

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