Rain dampens spirits

The rains came and conquered. Drivers got stuck in high water at McLemore and Shady Lane. And they weren't the only ones.

As the rain fell, water levels went up and up and up. A pond quickly surrounded a dry goods business. Owner Billy Tomlinson said, "The biggest problem is trucks loading in and out. We can't load in or out when it rains like this." Keeping their dry goods dry is a top priority. It's a drill they've gotten used to after five years of flooding every time a hard rain falls. "The city has made a couple of attempts to fix it but as you can see it hasn't done much good."

Across the pond, all Malaika Salan White could do was watch out her window. "There's basically a pond in the front of my house." She's stuck, can't get in or out of her yard unless she wants to put her swimsuit on. "I'm gonna have to probably go in and work 12 hours tomorrow to make up for the hours I'm working today." She's amazed the street flooded so fast and so deep. "I'm not all that excited about my lake front property right now." In addition to being stuck she's worried about what the water might leave behind. "I don't know what all might be in that water what has backed up and what is in the street." A street that looks more like Venice than Memphis.