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Southern Baptist publisher recalls pink Bibles

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(WMC-TV) - A pink Bible designed to support the cause of breast cancer is no longer available due to claims that it also supported abortions.

An eight-year breast cancer survivor and owner of Painted Planet, Donna Bowers said her business is close to her heart because money from her sales support free services for women fighting cancer.

Some of Bowers' art goes to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

"I know several people who are connected to Susan G. Komen, and I think they provide a wonderful service to people who have breast cancer," said Bowers.

Bowers was delighted when she heard about the possibility of a pink Bible supporting her cause.

"I'd really rather have a pink Bible than any kind of Bible," she said.

The pink Bibles promoted by LifeWay Christian Bookstore have been recalled immediately after several bloggers protested the Susan G. Komen Foundation's connection with Planned Parenthood.

"The sign might as well read 'buy a Bible and support abortion,'" wrote one blogger on

In a statement, LifeWay Christian Bookstore's CEO wrote, "We made a mistake.  Though we have assurances that Komen's funds are used only for breast cancer screening and awareness, it is not in keeping with LifeWay's core values to have even an indirect relationship with Planned Parenthood."

The Susan G. Komen Foundation has also dedicated a section of their website to those concerned about the issue.  Komen states that their grant to Planned Parenthood only goes toward breast health programs.

Bowers said the recall was disappointing and hoped the Christian bookstore would reconsider.

"I think they need to check out the facts and maybe pray about it," she said.  "We are people of prayer so pray about it.  God will lead you to make the right decisions."

As part of the project, LifeWay had agreed to donate one dollar from the sale of each pink Bible to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, but now said they will seek other ways in which to distribute their gospel.

For more information about Bowers' breast cancer ministry, Healing Planet, located at 798 S. Cooper, click here.

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