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Big Bellied Rapist complains about lack of treatment

Bruce Tuck Bruce Tuck

(WMC-TV) - The man known as the Big Bellied Rapist called the Action News 5 newsroom to file a complaint about his treatment in prison. Convicted rapist Bruce Tuck who is serving 60 years behind bars and said he's being denied treatment designated for sex offenders.

"I am attempting to go about rehabilitation with my situation," said Tuck, who was convicted of three aggravated rapes in Martin, TN.

"There's no rehabilitation being offered at this time," he said. "I need to rehabilitate myself and at least have a productive life the best I can while in prison. That's not really possible without any treatment."

The 37-year-old has served two years of his sixty year sentence and still faces more rape charges in Shelby County and potentially even more prison time. But his problem isn't with his sentence. Tuck insists he's been denied counseling each time he's asked.

"I do not qualify at this time and it will be offered to me at the end of my sentence which, as you know in my case, is not going to be anytime soon," he said.

Tuck said he's taken college courses and is working on his degree, but wants to deal with his deep rooted problems from drug abuse, his criminal past and beyond.

"It would help me deal with the issues throughout my life, going back to my childhood where I was a victim of some abuse," he said.

Tuck may bring up this issue Friday when he's expected in court for a hearing on the Shelby County charges against him.

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