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MY TURN: Unfair airfares in Memphis

Lee Meredith Lee Meredith

(WMC-TV) - This isn't news to people who fly frequently from Memphis International Airport, but this week the airport was named as the most expensive one in the nation to fly to or from.

Memphis essentially tied with Cincinnati for the highest average price of more than $476 per round trip fare. Like Cincinnati, Memphis is a hub for Delta Air Lines and neither airport has a major presence of a low-cost competitor like Southwest Airlines.

The most frustrating aspect of this is the unfairness of it.

If you fly from Memphis, you pay big time. If you fly through here, not so much.

I spot checked a fare from Fayetteville, Arkansas to Washington, DC that requires a change of planes in Memphis. That fare was $392.

If you just simply take that same flight from Memphis to Washington, skipping the leg from Fayetteville to here, the airfare is $580, nearly $200 more.

I'm all for the airlines being able to make a decent profit, but Memphis air travelers are not getting a fair shake.

Let's hope that Southwest Airlines finally decides that Memphis would be a good place to do business.

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