Charges in 3rd city filed against traveling preacher from Olive Branch

Sammy Nuckolls
Sammy Nuckolls

(WMC-TV) - Traveling Mid-South evangelist Sammy Nuckolls is in trouble with the law again after police said he spied on a woman inside a church.

Nuckolls already faces charges of video voyeurism in Gosnell, Arkansas and his hometown of Olive Branch, Mississippi.  Thursday, a warrant was issued for his arrest in Waldron, Arkansas.

Nuckolls allegedly used a camera hidden in a writing pen to spy on unsuspecting women.

Police in Gosnell discovered the pen while investigating a separate complaint by a woman secretly taped in a bathroom.  They shared one of multiple videos allegedly shot by Nuckolls with detectives in Waldron.

"It was actually in his computer in a file labeled 'Waldron,'" said Waldron Police Department detective Jeremy Hunt.

Hunt said that video was shot inside a church while Nuckolls was in a room with a female church member.

"He stuck it in something at her feet in an attempt to view up her skirt," said Hunt.

Police said the approximately 20 second video does not show anything, but the intent was enough to file charges based on the alleged victim's complaint.

"She actually came in to do a report and she was pretty upset," said Hunt.  "The last place you'd expect something like that to happen," he added.

Police said Nuckolls could be taken into custody at any time as a result of the new warrant.

Despite reported confessions to the crimes, Nuckolls pleaded not guilty during an initial court appearance in Olive Branch.

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