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Trucks stuck for hours waiting to unload Christmas mail

(WMC-TV) - Dozens of mail trucks were stuck in South Memphis for hours Saturday afternoon with nowhere to unload.

The holiday rush nearly doubled the mail coming through at the Memphis United States Postal Service processing center.

Some drivers took cat naps as they waited to unload Christmas mail.  At one point, the line to unload regional Priority Mail was three miles long.

"This is the first time we've ever been backed up 12 hours," said one truck driver.

David Walton with the USPS said the closure of three West Tennessee post offices in January were not to blame for the long lines.

"They shouldn't have any impact on that facility," said Walton.

Walton said he would not characterize it as a delay.

"I know last year we had about 30 trucks at a time waiting to get in," said Walton.  "I know right now there are a little over 50 trucks waiting to drop their load off."

The USPS said this is a 24-hour processing center and there should be no delay.  They stressed that the hourly pay will not come out of taxpayers' pockets.  The postal service is funded through its own income.

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