Whiteville cross controversy inspires residents

(WMC-TV) - A growing number of residents in Whiteville, Tennessee are getting involved in a controversy over a cross on the town's water tower.

Residents are banding together to show their feelings about the Freedom From Religion Foundation's new lawsuit demanding that the cross be taken down.

One of the arms of the cross on top of the water tower has been removed.

"This is a religious town," said resident Robert Lax.  "They ought to feel happy about it."

To show their support, many churches and businesses have now placed crosses in front of their buildings.

"I just agree with everybody having their own freedom with the churches and the crosses and stuff," said resident Sherri Marcum.

Many Whiteville residents have also stuck crosses in their front yards.  They said the plan to remove one cross from the water tower has resulted in hundreds of new crosses going up.

"Since that happened, everybody in town has gone one in their yard," said Lax.

The city said it plans to use the remaining pieces of the cross to attach equipment for wi-fi access that would serve the community.

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