Memphis mom says alleged predator lucky she wasn't armed

Andre Walker
Andre Walker

(WMC-TV) – A Memphis man is in jail tonight after he was charged with aggravated statutory rape after a mom allegedly discovered him in bed with her 15-year-son.

Andre Walker faced a judge Monday morning and is being held on a $100,000 bond and tonight the alleged victim's mom says she's lucky she's not in jail too.

She said she came close to committing a crime herself after she says she made that shocking discovery in her son's bedroom.

Andre Walker turned 41 this year and this weekend he was locked up after a mother said he had sex with her teenage son.

"He wanted to say he didn't know, he didn't know, he didn't know, but there was no way that he did not know he was messing with a child," the mother, whose identity is being protected, said.

The mom came home and found Walker "lying in bed naked with her 15-year-old son," according to court records.

She said that after attacking Walker she ran and locked the doors to keep him from leaving.

"And if I would have had a gun I would have probably been down there because I would have shot him," she said.

But instead, she called police and officers arrested Walker on a charge of aggravated statutory rape. The alleged victim's mother said the 41-year-old met her 15-year-old online.

And now she's warning other parents about the Internet and urging them to pay careful attention to who their children are talking to.

She also has a warning for Walker and others she described as sexual predators.

"Stay away from the children," she said. "God do not like ugly and he will make a way for you to be known and when you are known, these parents do not play with their children. They will kill you."