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Police investigating Millington City Hall burglary

Millington police are investigating a break-in at city hall. Millington police are investigating a break-in at city hall.

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Crooks smashed through the wall at Millington City Hall and the brazen break-in has the mayor and investigators baffled.

Right now, police have no clue who pulled off the heist here at Millington City Hal, but it appears cash is what the crooks were after and they worked to get it.

"Wish I had come in and caught them," said Richard Hodges, Millington's mayor.

Hodges might have been sorry if he had caught whoever broke into city hall. Hs said he left city hall Sunday night about 7:30 when he stopped by to pick up some medicine and he left. Custodians showed up around 5 o'clock in the morning and called police about the break in.

"There was some cash taken," said Chief Ray Douglas, of the Millington Police Department. "We don't know how much.'

Investigators say the crooks went in a side door, apparently prying it open. The glass in a second set of doors was kicked out.

They pulled off a vent cover next to a vault, but it didn't lead inside. So they knocked a hole in the wall.

The crooks apparently had a sledge hammer they used to break through cinder block and to get into the safe.

The mayor said the crooks threw papers and coins all over city hall and rifled through the drawers in his desk in his office. He thinks the crooks may have cased city hall during working hours.

"I think they've been in here before walked around to see what they were going to do," he said.

Several months ago TBI agents raided city hall looking for evidence of wrongdoing involving the mayor and others.

The Millington police chief said the break in doesn't appear to be connected.

"I did call the TBI just to make sure we have our I's dotted and our T's crossed," he said. So that should they develop down the road we got them involved," he said.

It is not clear if the crooks got anything other than cash.

There is no video surveillance at city hall. It's in the budget and now the mayor says it has become a priority.

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