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Kapone found after six months missing

(WMC-TV) - With its many problems the Memphis Animal Shelter has been a thorn in the side of Mayor A C Wharton. One of them illustrated by the disappearance of an 11-year-old pit bull named Kapone. A citywide search and a big reward made his disappearance very public, but now he's home.

"I just haven't seen him in six months. He's my boo boo. I'm so excited," said Kapone's owner Brooke Shoup. I'm so excited."

Brooke Shoup ran out to the family car as her husband arrived at their Cordova home with the family's dog Kapone who had been missing since June.

Kapone was discovered at a home in Senatobia, MS. Darrel Shoup showed up with Senatobia police to see if it really was Kapone.

"I called his name, went over to pet him and he just went crazy," said Darrel Shoup. "And we put him in the back of the van."

Monday night, the Shoup's and animal advocates got an anonymous tip from Memphis CrimeStoppers that Kapone was in Senatobia.

"The information that was called in to the hotline sounded very good," said animal advocate Beverly King. "It was good enough to investigate."

Kapone disappeared six months ago after he was picked up by animal shelter employee Demetria Hogan. She was later fired and faces an animal cruelty charge.

There was an $8,000 reward for finding Kapone. The Shoup's and animal advocates tirelessly searched for him.

However, it's still not clear how Kapone ended up in Sentatobia.

The people who had Kapone did not answer the door. They told police Kapone just wandered up. There are two more pit bulls in their back yard.

At this point no one has been arrested at the Senatobia home where Kapone was discovered. It might be difficult to prove how the pit bull ended up so far away.

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