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Ask Andy: Consumer Reports rates the best cookies

(WMC-TV) - They test cars. They test appliances. Now, Consumer Reports has the tough job of taste-testing store-bought chocolate chip cookies and Andy Wise has the results.

Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies when they're right-out-of-the-oven, but when we have to settle for straight out-of-the-box, we want the next best thing.

Trained testers at Consumer Reports tackled the tough job, tasting 18 different out-of-the-box chocolate chip cookies.

Many of them rated just "OK."

Some, including top-seller Chips Ahoy, were dry and gritty, according to Consumer Reports.

The taste testers recommended skipping Weight Watchers chocolate chip cookies too. They had the fewest calories and some fiber, but they were the lowest rated.

"The tasters were left with a chalky-mouth feeling and the chips were gritty," said Erin Gudeux, of Consumer Reports. "And each cookie still packed in 90 calories."

Instead, Consumer Reports recommended the top-rated Tate's Bake Shop cookie, the only store-bought chocolate chip cookie to rate "Excellent."

"Probably not surprisingly, the Tate's were also the highest in fat and calories," said Gudeux.

For about HALF the cost, 37 cents a serving, Pepperidge Farm Double Chocolate Nantucket Dark Chocolate cookies were the next best.

Testers said they were big in chocolate flavor and they might just fit the bill when the family can't bake its own chocolate chip magic.

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