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Truck stolen from Cordova Honeybaked Ham recovered

(WMC-TV) - Memphis police located a stolen tractor trailer loaded with more than $100,000 in ham, turkey, and side dishes from a Cordova Honeybaked Ham.

The trailer was stolen sometime late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.  Friday night, the truck was found abandoned, but not before someone got away with more than half of the company's Cajun turkeys and casseroles.

The Honeybaked Ham truck that was stolen was filled with about $56,000 worth of ham, $57,000 worth of side dishes, and $15,000 worth of turkey.

Memphis policed recovered the truck, but with only a quarter of the Honeybaked Ham inventory inside.

A spokesperson for the Cordova store said police did not disclose where they found the truck.

Honeybaked Ham Director of Marketing Robin Blanton said that although the company will have to discard the recovered food, they are still able to fulfill all orders by Christmas.

"Because the product has been out of our control for the period of time, we of course are not able to sell it," said Blanton.  "Because of food safety issues, we're not able to donate the product as well.  We'll just have to destroy the product, but we certainly wish everybody a happy holiday and merry Christmas."

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