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Munford man loses house, daughter but still counts blessings

(WMC-TV) - If you think you've had it tough this year --- and so many of us have --- one Munford man can serve as an inspiration to us all. 

He's still counting his blessings despite nearly losing his life just a week ago.

"We was asleep in the home, woke up to smoke, and barley got out of the house," says resident Jay Daniel.

It was ten days before Christmas. 

Jay Daniel and his wife Elaine were asleep in their house. 

When fire broke out, they barely got out alive.

Daniel says his house is pretty much a total loss.  

"My wife and I have been married almost 32 years...that's 32 years of memories, things we've collected, gone, that's just part of it," Daniel continues.

But losing his house isn't the only tragedy in the Daniel family in 2011.

In January, Daniel lost his job and on April 15th, his daughter Tammie was diagnosed with cancer. 

She was a missionary to China and was hoping to re-enter the mission field. 

She died in September.

"Her diploma was burned up and so were many of her pictures," he adds.

As Daniel was bringing Tammie's personal belongings back home from Olive Branch, he had a bad motorcycle accident, resulting in knee surgery. 

"We're taking one day at a time and relying on the grace of God and He's been faithful through it all, got us through a very tough year," says Daniel.

And on top of everything else, Daniel's pickup truck was stolen in November just before losing the rest of his belongings in the December 15th house fire.

"I feel like I'm pretty used up," he says.

But Daniel says through it all, he remains optimistic and hopeful for a better 2012.

Jay Daniel's Sunday School class at First Baptist Church Millington has set up a fund to help. 

You can donate to the Jay and Elaine Daniel fund at any Patriot Bank.

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