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An important message to AT&T U-Verse subscribers

A message to AT&T U-Verse subscribers:

Over the past few weeks, we have notified our viewers who subscribe to AT&T U-Verse that by law the deadline for us to reach an agreement for AT&T U-Verse to carry our station was midnight, December 31. Unfortunately, that deadline came and went without AT&T U-Verse agreeing to a deal.

As a result of AT&T U-Verse's refusal, WMC-TV 5 is no longer available on your dial.

WMC-TV 5 is very disappointed in this outcome. We believe you deserve better. After all, you pay AT&T U-Verse each month for a full slate of stations. Now, you are still paying, but getting less for your money.

This is particularly unfair at this time of year, with the upcoming NFL playoffs and other great programs – not to mention your local news, weather and sports.

While we cannot force AT&T U-Verse to reach a deal to keep WMC-TV 5 on the dial, you can voice your concerns by contacting AT&T U-Verse directly at 1-800-288-2020. We remind you that you have choices. You can switch to COMCAST (901-259-2225) DIRECTV (1-888-777-2454), DISH Network (1-800-823-4929), or you can get our station free over the air.

Obviously, this is not the way we were hoping to start the New Year. Our commitment to you is that despite these challenges, we will keep working hard to serve our community the best we can. And as always, we thank you for your viewership and your support.


The WMC-TV 5 Team

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