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Memphis mission for homeless seeks expansion

(WMC-TV) - The Memphis Union Mission will expand to help more homeless people and benefit Downtown Memphis.

Lamar Mayes has been homeless for over a month after losing his job, and is now seeking shelter at the Memphis Union Mission.

"It's really real," said Mayes.  "I ain't never been like this before."

Some nights, Mayes is forced to sleep on the streets, but he said not being able to provide for his family hurts the most.

"I got two daughters up in Florence, I love them but what I'm saying is I can't do nothing for my kids where I am now," said Mayes.

Trying to accommodate the needs of men and women like Mayes, the Union Mission is making plans to buy nearly an entire city block for expansion.

"We feel like we're not creating a need, we're responding to it," said Union Mission Development Director Steve Carpenter.

Operating at 383 Poplar since 1963, Carpenter said the need has now surpassed the facility.

"In the early 60's, it was enough room, but at this point it's not," said Carpenter.

The community will be able to come together and talk about this expansion project Thursday night at the Union Mission Opportunity Center on Poplar Avenue.

The 3.1 acre annexation will stretch from High Street from the east to Danny Thomas Street on the west.

Carpenter said more square feet will allow them to expand their resources.

"Be able to host other third parties, to come in, to provide medical services that we're not able to provide right now," said Carpenter.

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