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Southaven aldermen demand mayor's resignation

(WMC-TV) – The drama of politics took center stage in Southaven Friday when aldermen asked the mayor to resign. However, not everyone likes the idea.

Months into an investigation of spending habits of the city mayor, the Southaven Board of Alderman called for the resignation of Mayor Greg Davis.

The vote was six to one in favor of a resolution asking for his resignation, but it can't force the mayor out of office.

It was a move some characterized as too little too late or called it grandstanding by the board.

"The resolution means nothing," said voter Carol Grishen. "So now, why waste time ever writing a resolution if it means nothing?"

"I think the resolution is the way the aldermen hope that the public, with whom they have day to day dealings with, will get off their backs and leave them alone," said Kelly Jacobs, of Hernando.

But board members said their hands were tied during the ongoing investigation, until Davis openly admitted he had deliberately lied to them about betraying the public's trust.

Davis saw it coming and sent his lawyer to deliver a statement before the vote was called.

"I've taken personal time since December 26, 2011 to seek medical care concerning health issues," said attorney Steve Farese, reading from a statement prepared by the Southaven mayor.

Most everyone in the packed chambers agreed Davis has done great things for the city of Southaven.

"You look at all the things that Southaven has accomplished and he has been instrumental in those things," said Alderman Dr. Randy Huling, the only alderman to vote against the resolution.

And while he doesn't condone Davis's behavior, he said the decision should be left up to the courts, the state and the voters.

Click here to read the board's resolution.

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