After more than 60 years, couple shares gift of reading

(WMC-TV) - An assembly in the auditorium at Manassas High School Wednesday was designed to provide students with music, entertainment, and an appreciation for reading.

The event, sponsored by Manassas and North Branch Library, was called Reading is Fundamental.  Mixed in with the fun was a very serious talk about how important it is to learn to read.

"Don't let the opportunity pass you by," said Louretta Rias.

After more than 60 years, Louretta Rias and her husband, Charlie Rias, just learned how to read last year.

The Rias' were the guests of honor at the event.  They told students that learning to read was difficult when they were young because their families were poor and they had to work on their parent's farms.

The turning point came last year when the couple's granddaughter came home from school with books she wanted her grandparents to read to her.  That prompted them to sign up to learn how to read at the Memphis Literacy Council.

Now, the couple is telling anyone who will listen about the importance of learning how to read.

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