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Identity theft victim helps police track down suspects

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis man whose debit card was stolen managed to help police track down his two identity thieves and put them in jail.

A Memphis victim noticed strange charges on his debit card he said he last used at Huey's in Downtown Memphis.

One of the charges was 55 cents at Blues City Cafe last week.

The victim contacted Blues City and they checked their surveillance video.  On the video, one of the suspects was seen swiping the victim's card.

The manager at Blues City Cafe said the video shows suspect Stephen Shaw signing a receipt after using the card to buy toast for 55 cents.

The victim also saw $160 worth of withdrawals from Amazon.  He checked and found his card was used to buy video games.

The victim found the address where the games were sent.  It was where both suspects live.

The victim contacted police.  Officers then located the two suspects and arrested them.

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