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Islamic center marches for peace

(WMC-TV) - Members of the Alrasool Islamic Center marched for peace Saturday.

Demonstrators marched through the streets for what they called the "March for Imam Hussain."  Memphis police were present to assist with traffic.

Although members of Alrasool said they applied and were granted a permit with the City of Memphis two weeks ago, many drivers passing through the area of Covington Pike and Stage Road said they were displeased with the traffic interruption because there was no warning.

"The police officers were escorting them in the front and in the back and instead of having the group come to one side and having traffic go around, they stopped all the traffic for these people" said delivery driver Louis Noah.

"The policeman were afraid for one of our kids getting hit by the cars or an accident, for that the police blocked the lanes of the road" said demonstrator Kareem Tameemi.

Members of the Alrasool Islamic Center said similar marches were taking place all over the world.

Demonstrators said the commemoration is done yearly, but said they are the only Shia Muslims who participate in Memphis.

The members of Alrasool said the demonstration was open to the public for participation.

At least 50 people took part in the march, which demonstrators said was successfully peaceful.

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