Community Enhancement employee: "I was doing my job"

(WMC-TV) - One of four city employees under investigation for possibly using city resources for personal gain spoke to Action News 5 Monday.

Grounds maintenance foreman Gregory Boone is on vacation, but said he has no plans to stay home when his vacation is over.

"Far as I'm concerned, I still return to work," said Boone.

City officials say Boone and two other high-ranking employees in the Community Enhancement Division are on paid leave while an internal investigation takes place.

A fourth employee recently retired.

"Mayor Wharton has indicated he will be in contact with the DA, AG and FBI to pursue this matter further," said Memphis Chief Administrative Officer George Little.

"The situation they say I did, I was doing my job," said Boone.

Community Enhancement workers are only supposed to clean up vacant lots or unoccupied properties.  Boone is reportedly under investigation for using employees to pick up tree limbs and other debris at the homes of people he knew.

"I was doing my job," said Boone.  "Picking up stuff that was on the sidewalk and in the streets.  Wasn't no special treatment at all," he added.

Interim Community Enhancement Director Johnie McKay, is one of those on paid leave.  Specific allegations involving him are unclear.

"It's just a bunch of foolishness," said Boone.  "That's all it is, foolishness."

Another employee, Michael Todd, may have had city crews cut the grass at condemned homes he had acquired through a personal real estate business.  Action News 5 was unable to reach him Monday.

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