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5 ways to keep skin healthy all winter

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By Anne L. Fritz
From The Style Glossy

You wouldn't go out in the cold in only a sundress and sandals (you would freeze!), but are you doing as much as you can to protect your skin?

It's not only your wardrobe that needs to get swapped out for the season; your skin care routine needs a revamp for the winter too.

Between the cold dry air outdoors and the hot dry air indoors, skin definitely needs a little more TLC. Read on to find out how to winter-proof your skin care routine.

1. Prevent dry, flaky skin in the first place by plugging in a cool-mist humidifier at work and at home. It will keep the air -- and your skin -- hydrated.

2. Keep your showers short and warm -- not hot -- to keep skin healthy. Before you completely dry off, slather on a hydrating lotion to lock in moisture.

3. Don't forget the SPF. You're not off the hook from damage from the sun's rays, no matter what the thermometer reads. Snow reflects the light, just like sand does, so make sure to use a daily facial lotion with an SPF of at least 15.

4. Invest in a rich hand cream. Between the cold, windy weather and frequent hand-washing to prevent colds and the flu, your hands are particularly vulnerable to damage. Find a hand cream that you love to use and apply it frequently.

5. A lip balm with a hint of color not only helps keep lips moisturized, but also brightens up your face in a single swipe.

Anne L. Fritz
 is the former style director for Life & Style Weekly and has been on staff at Woman's Day and Working Mother. She has contributed to Marie Claire, Glamour and Prevention, and she is the founder of The Jet Set Girls, a website about girls' getaways.

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