How Much Do Flight Lessons Cost?


The next step to achieving your dream of flying is to choose a flight school. And in Memphis, there is only one choice. Based at DeWitt-Spain Airport, Downtown Aviation is Memphis' only flight school and West Tennessee's only Cessna Pilot Center. With superior equipment, instructors and training, Downtown Aviation makes flying fun, simple & safe. Call or stop by today and make your dream of flying a reality!




Private Pilot Program                           

Instrument Rating Program                      

Commercial Rating Program                     

Flight Instructor Program                        




No Membership Fee!

Introductory Lesson: $50

Flight Instructor Fee: $30/hr.

Laser Grade Test: $80

Rates starting at $65/hr. solo, depending on model.




1.) You must be at least 16 years of age to fly solo.

2.) You must speak English.

3.) You must pass a basic medical exam.


That's it. If you can meet these simple requirements, then you're ready to fly!