Discover Flying

Flying is FUN

Flying will open up new worlds and new possibilities. Imagine the exhilaration of flying to the beach for the day. Or flying your friends to a near-by town for lunch. Or visiting family without spending hours or days in a car. You may even decide on a career as an airline or corporate pilot. Flying is fun... and you can do it!



Flying is SIMPLE

Learning to fly is a lot easier than people think. You don't have to become a commercial or military pilot to fly. You can be part of general aviation. Today there are thousands of people, just like you, learning to fly. They come from all walks of life and have a variety of reasons for wanting to be a pilot. Some fly to expand business opportunities. Others to explore careers in the aviation industry. Some are looking for an activity they can share with their family. But, most fly for the sheer fun of it. Whatever your reason, there are just a few basic requirements you will have to meet in order to fly solo.



Flying is SAFE

More so than anything else, safety comes first in the general aviation industry. In fact, safety is the foundation of flight training. Today's training aircraft are engineered and built to rigid federal standards and are constantly checked to make certain they're in ship shape.


Also new technology, like GPS (Global Positioning System), makes navigation safer than ever. Innovations in weather tracking radar and radio communications, combined with the world's most sophisticated and safest airspace system, make today's general aviation aircraft one of the safest vehicles ever invented.