Grandmother searching for boy missing in Kuwait

(WMC-TV) – A Mid-South grandmother is searching for her five-year-old grandson after his mother died in a car wreck in Kuwait but now, no one can tell her where the little boy is.

Emma Gordon took pictures of her grandson Nouri three years ago when she visited the little boy, her son Ken and her daughter-in-law Basma at their home in Kuwait.

"The situation with my grandson is tough," she said. "I pray for him every night, praying that God will protect him, shield him."

Gordon said she's worried because her grandson and daughter-in-law had been living alone in Kuwait ever since Gordon's son Ken, a contractor who had been working in Kuwait got locked up in a Texas jail.

"He is incarcerated right now, and he would call her and talk to the baby," she said. "They had a good relationship."

But in a phone call several days ago, the son learned that his wife was killed in a car wreck last month. And now Gordon is torn by an earlier promise that she made to her daughter-in-law regarding her grandson.

"'Just promise me that you will take him and raise him for me if something happened to me,'" Basma asked, according to Gordon. "So I said 'Sure, yes I will raise him.'"

However, Kuwait is thousands of miles away from Memphis and Gordon is having a difficult time locating her grandson and arranging for him to come to her to home.

"It is devastating and you know for my daughter-in-law to be killed in that accident and for, you know for me not to be able to see her," Gordon said crying. "Even after she had died I couldn't go over there."

Gordon said she thinks her grandson is staying with a sister of her Egyptian born daughter-in-law, but talking on the phone with that sister has been difficult.

"There is a language barrier," Gordon said. "She just told me that she died in a car accident."

Gordon said staffers in Rep. Steve Cohen's office have been trying to assist her, but she won't rest until the five-year-old is safe here in Memphis.

"I just want to comfort him and love him and let him know that I do want him," she said.

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