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Tenn. vet using Facebook to help lost pets

(AP) - A veterinarian in East Tennessee has created a Facebook page to reunite lost pets with their owners.

Andrew Proffitt says he started "Lost and Found Pets of the Tri-Cities" about six months ago. He told the Times-News that the idea came after getting calls from people who found animals and didn't know what to do with them and calls from pet owners who had lost their animals.

"There was a real need there, for a connection to connect the dots between pet and owner," he said. "You have someone call in to our office, and they say they have found a pet and they do not know what to do other than take it to a shelter. I have nothing against shelters, but these are someone's pets, and they are lost.

"You have the other side of it when someone calls and they are distraught about losing their dog or cat. It is a helpless feeling, but I decided to make something happen to make those situations come to a good conclusion."

Even though the site is only a few months old, Proffitt said it is already expanding. He says he met with the Kingsport and Sullivan County animal shelters this month and they plan to pool resources so that lost pets can be found easier.

"This is a centralized way to kind of cut down on the amount of time a person can spend exhausting energy and power in what can be an upsetting situation. This is part of the veterinary business that goes unseen - the amount of people who go for weeks and months searching for that pet that they love," Proffitt said.

The site had gained almost 700 "likes" by mid-January.

"Being in the industry, it has not been surprising to see how many pets have (been submitted to the page). What is surprising is the amount of support I have gotten. I owe those who hit that 'like' button all the thanks," he said


Information from: Kingsport Times-News.

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