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Peanut butter can earn Memphis kid big bucks

A Memphis nine-year-old, in the top four of a national science competition last year, has now set his sights on another challenge.

This time it's all about peanut butter and thousands of dollars for college.

For the rest of you, it's a new recipe and the chance to help today's Extra Credit student go all the way!

Midtowner Logan Guleff is a kid with a unique dream!

"He's wanted to open a restaurant since he was like 2 or 3 years old," exclaims Logan's mom, Kim Guleff.

Logan's mom home schools her rambunctious son, who has also been cooking since he was 3!

According to Logan (and his mom verified) "The first thing that I ever learned to cook was pancakes! Blueberry pancakes!"

While exploring options on teaching Creative Children...Kim stumbled upon the 10th Annual "Jif Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest" which combined Logan's love for building and creating with his passion for cooking.

Despite his mother's misgivings about a burger mixed with peanut butter, (she thought a twist on a typical peanut butter sandwich would work better) Logan was full steam ahead...deciding almost immediately against using chicken.

"Well, everybody uses chicken, chicken, chicken,' recalled Logan, " And then we decided to go with something more healthy than chicken, turkey! And the peanut butter turkey burger needed some tweaking. But, it worked!"

Logan and his mom spent almost an entire day trying to make it work by finding the right combination of ingredients for his Jif burger.

They say the probably cooked and ate well over a dozen burgers before they came upon the right one: the Asian-inspired "Chomp Burger!"

Asian/Jif broccoli slaw tops the roasted peanut coated burger...along with an apple slice or two for added texture and flavor.

The folks at Jif liked that peanut butter and turkey burger so much, they made it one of the contest's top 10 semi-finalists...out of thousands of entries from across the country.

Now, here's how you can help!

Logan would really like to make it to the top 5 and a $2500 prize, along with a trip to New York City where the winner of a $25,000 college fund and $10,000 in educational prizes will be announced in March.

To win...he needs lots of online votes...and time is running out!

Just go to and vote for Logan Guleff's Chomp Burger.

You can vote once a day through February 1st when the voting ends.

Send your ideas for Extra Credit to Kym Clark:

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