Father talks after mom charged for drugs in baby's system

Ora Boler, photo courtesy the Shelby County Jail.
Ora Boler, photo courtesy the Shelby County Jail.

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis mom was back in court Monday morning on charges that the baby she delivered had cocaine in his system. The child's father was there too and talked candidly about his life with her and their children.

Ora Boler's latest court appearance was a report date. She's being screened for admittance into a new drug court program for moms who have delivered babies with drugs in their systems.

"I'd like to see her get the help while she's in custody," said Arthur Franklin, Boler's boyfriend and father of two of her children. "She needs to get the help that she needs."

Franklin said their son was born with cocaine in his system at the Med several weeks ago. According to reports, it was the fourth time Boler delivered a child with cocaine in its system.

"If this story can get out there maybe somebody else's kid won't have to go through what she's been through," Franklin said.

He said Boler has suffered a series of bad breaks that began when she was a child. He declined to go into specifics, but said his girlfriend has tried to quit drugs several times and he has tried to help her.

But Franklin said her addiction is bigger than both of them.

"Nobody wants to be on drugs, number one," he said. "Nobody wants that problem, but it's not that easy to kick for people. I mean, if it was, then we wouldn't have that problem now."

Franklin said he despises drugs and what they have done to the woman he had plans to marry next month.

"How do I deal with it," Franklin asked. "I pray a lot. They see me at church a lot more."

Franklin said he's visited Boler in jail and she's sorry for what she has done to her kids.

He claims that his girlfriend seriously wants to get clean and that's why she turned herself in when she learned police were looking for her.

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